We're moving! | Alaska Highlights

After being married for almost six months, my husband and I decided to move in together! πŸ˜‚

In late September, I made the difficult but rewarding decision to leave my job in Tennessee and move across the country to finally live with my husband in Alaska! I stuffed two (very heavy) suitcases, shipped my desktop, grabbed my camera bag, and got on a one-way flight to Fairbanks.

I've contemplated explaining my decision making for this move, but instead I'll just say that I've learned that life is short, and one thing I'll always stand by is putting my family first (this could be an entire blog post itself, not today). My months in Alaska were so rewarding to my business, my personal life, and my marriage.

Knowing that we would only be here for a few months, I used this time to solely focus on my photography business. It's amazing what focusing on your side-hustle can do, rather than cramming it in between a full time job. Who would have thought?

In past wedding seasons, I would be at my day job during the week thinking about weddings and the amount of editing I needed to get done on the weekends, and while I was at weddings I was worrying about the work that I needed to get done during the week. Now, for the first time, I feel like I'm actually showing up and being fully present for my couples and my business. We have amazing couples lined up for 2019 and I can't wait to capture their beautiful wedding days and give them the full attention that they deserve.

On a less serious note, living in Alaska allowed me to see breathtaking scenery, witness the northern lights for the first time, and experience enough snowfall to last me a lifetime. I learned that there is nothing mundane about Alaska. During the winter months, the landscapes, the weather, and daylight are all extreme. Extremely beautiful, cold, and dark!

Zack and I will forever be attached to this place. It's where we went to our first military ball together when we were first dating, where we got married at the beautiful Birch Leaf Chapel, and where we first moved in together. We've already decided that we'll be back one day, but on vacation, and probably during the summer months...

It feels like the end of an era as we leave Alaska, but we're excited for our next adventure to Oklahoma and the warm weather, Chick-fil-A, and Target that it brings!

Here are some of our favorite memories in this beautiful state: