“Do you travel for weddings?”

Absolutely! I have destination wedding packages available. They have varying hours of wedding day coverage and round trip airfare is added to the package total. These packages start at $900.

“How much do you charge?”

I offer a few wedding packages that have varying hours of wedding day coverage. These packages start at $1,000.

“Do you stay the entire wedding day?”

Wedding day photography coverage depends on your chosen wedding package. I have packages ranging from 6 to 10 hours, however, additional hours can be requested!

“Do you use a second shooter?”

My packages don’t include the cost of a second shooter. If you’re interested in another photographer, let me know! Different photographers have varying hourly pay requests and availability.

“Do you retouch your photos?”

My general rule is: if the blemish is temporary (acne, bruise, scratch, etc.) I retouch. If it’s permanent (birthmark, scar, etc.) I leave it alone. If you have a specific request for retouching please let me know!

“Do you give clients all of the images?”

No I do not. I hand pick which images I deliver to clients in order to control the final product and my brand. On wedding days, I shoot duplicates, test shots, shots out of focus, shots with bad expressions and other images that don’t fit into the final product.

The amount of images I deliver depends on your selected wedding package.